I’m a PhD student in the Philosophy department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I completed my MA and Undergraduate degrees at the University of Calgary. My master’s thesis was on Charles S. Peirce’s Three Valued Logic. I focused on trying to pin down Peirce’s philosophical motivations for experimenting with many valued logics.

Research Interests

I’m currently most interested in the history and philosophy of logic generally and Peirce’s contributions to it more specifically. I’m also interested in the history of analytic philosophy and philosophy of science.

Current Projects

Lately I’ve been looking into Peirce’s criticism of Bertrand Russell’s Principles of Mathematic. Peirce seems to have thought that some aspect of Russell’s book might be improved by incorporating his semiotic theory.

I’m also still looking into various aspects of his three valued logic, continuing work done in my MA thesis. I’m interested in how his philosophy of logic may have informed his choice of three valued operators.